DV Lottery 2016

DV-2016 Winners.

4:15 PM 6/19/2016

DV-2016 Participants can check their selection results now in the American Government's result checking website.

Latest News For The DV-2016 Selectees.

DV-2016 Visa Lottery winner processing is nearly completed and you can view that most of the regions are placed under "CURRENT" as there are no more visas available under the FY 2016 anymore. Those who are with the high case numbers can participate in the coming visa lottery program.

Selected eligible winners of the American diversity program DV 2016 can process from their country and can obtain visas to travel to the USA and after reaching there they can get their Green cards. Likewise those selectees in the USA too can process within USA through the USCIS office to change their current status to the LPR status, when their case numbers are current.

As the first step, all the winners must send their details through the DS-260 online form that is available in the official website.

Take note that this website which is providing DS-260 online form is time sensitive and if the actions are not carried out in time it will ask you to refresh the web page again. After submission of the form, get a printout of the confirmation as you will be required it to the embassy on the day of your interview.

If there are any errors, you will be asked to resubmit them again.

Interview schedule (Second Letter) will be announced through this website when it is ready. Winners can check here when they expect their date of interview once they see that their case number is current in the visa bulletin web page.

An Affidavit of support is expected from each winner and each of her/his dependants. I-134 or I-864 The petioner must provide all the necessary papers required by the consular office.

Medical examinations: Should be carried out by the medical authorities whom are recommended by the relevant Consular office in the winners' country. These expenses should be paid by the applicant.

DV 2016 visa processing fees: US$ 330.(Non refundable one)

Once the winners had been issued with the visas, they must pay another US$ 165 each as their USCIS processing fee through their online facility, and then only they will be issued with the American Green Card which is also called as LPR card.

Interviews in another country: People who don't have American consular office to handle their visa processing in their country should go to the country that was recommended to them. All the travelling and other expenses should be met by the winner.

All the expenses should be met by the winners including the airfare as the US Government offer entry permit only to the selected eligible winners.