DV Lottery 2016

DV 2016 Results.

4:35 AM 12/21/2016

DV-2016 Results.

DV-2016 Visa lottery program result checking facility is now closed in the American Government's Official diversity visa lottery website.

This facility was opened in the month of May 2015. The website was kept opened for you to check your selection status till 30th September 2016.

How to Check DV Results.

To check your online selection result through the website, feed the confirmation number and the other information in the required fields. If you provide correct information and press the continue button, you can view your selection result.

The KCC will not notify the selected winners regarding their selection through normal postal mail or through email. All the winners must follow the instructions given in the winner page and must be ready to pay the non-refundable diversity visa processing fees, if they were called for the interview. (Winners will NOT be notified by postal mail, E-mail, Telephone or Fax.)

DV 2016 Program Is Closed.

DV-2016 Results and information on it. American diversity visa lottery program was designed to provide visas for the selected winners. Under DV-2016 interviews were conducted to winners who had the required eligibility. Interviews were conducted from October 2015 till 30th September 2016. At this moment, the DV-2016 Green Card Lottery program is closed. It was closed on 30th September 2016.Those who had been selected as winners under this program can't be benefited from their selection anymore.

Submitting Entries for the DV Draw.

This program used to accept entries every year. It will be kept open from 30 - 34 days via the American Governments official web site. No fees will be charged for participating in the draw.

Visa Processing Fees.

Winners attending interviews will be asked to pay for their visa processing. This visa processing fee is US$330 per person. And it should be paid on the day of their visa interview.

The visa processing fees should be paid ONLY to the US Embassy on the day of your interview in local currency or in US dollars and the applicant will be issued with the official receipt for it. Winners are advised NOT to send money by Bank, western union or any other money services to get their visas under the American green card.

Once the visa is issued the applicant must use it within 6 months of time from the date it was issued.

Lost Confirmation Number.

Lost your confirmation number? Visit dv-confirmation.com, they will charge a small fee to recover your confirmation code.

Selected as a winner in the DV 2016 program? Read this information. Read this information.