DV Lottery 2016

Visa Interviews for the DV-2017 Winners.

7:06 PM 12/19/2016

DV-2017 Winner? Use the online visa application form to proceed with the winning. This is the first step to get one of the available Green card under this program.

DV-2017 selectees (winners) have to use the DS-260 online visa application form to proceed with their winning. Downloading forms and sending them through post or courier services are not accepted anymore.

Get a copy of the confirmation printed out, when submit visa application form DS-260. Print out must be taken by the winners to the Embassy when ready to face their visa processing interview.

Interview letters will be shown to the winners through the website where they had submitted the DS-260 online visa application form, if their case is ready. Till then you will see an error message. Winners will not their second letters through email or postal mail any more.

Interviews for FY 2017 program will start from October 2016 onward. Lowest case numbers starting from 0001 will be called for the interviews first. It will be followed by the other case numbers in their order till the visas exhaust or till 30th September 2017. Use the visa bulletin page to view the interview month according to your case number in any given month.

Reschedule visa interview date? Some countries don't allow it while some countries allow it, if had submitted reason through medical certificate. Rescheduling your interview may affect your chance of getting an entry permit as the service is provided on the first come first serve basis. So no entry permits may be waiting for you, when you are ready to go for the interview.

Visa Processing Fees:

Visa processing fee is US$ 330. Winners have to pay for him and each of their dependents on the day of the interview. Pay it ONLY to the Embassy in Dollar or in local currency, and get your receipt for the payment. Rejection of visas for any given ineligibility, the processing fee too can't be refunded. Check with the Embassy how to pay them with the local currency for the diversity visa processing.

Those who had received visas must pay US$165 each as USCIS processing fee using their online payment method.
Required Documentation.
Winners are requested to present following documents at their interviews.

Appointment information printed from the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website.
DS-260 confirmation page Print this from the Consular Electronic Application Center any time after you complete your DS-260 application.

Passport(s) valid for six months or more (for you and each family member applying for a visa.)

Original documents or certified copies of all applicable civil documents, and one photocopy of each document. Prepare Supporting Documents.

Required DV Qualifying Education or Work Experience

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