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DV-2019 Application form.

7:47 AM 07/26/2017

DV-2019 Application form for the American electronic diversity program will be provided through the official website. Its official name is E-DV entry. This form is designed to be provided only through the official website during the application accepting period. There is no facility for the participants to sign in this web based electronic application form.

This application form can't be sent through email to your friends or relatives. This E-DV application form can't be saved and used later from your PC as it is a time limited one. Paper format application forms will not be accepted by the US State Department for the draw, from the year 2003. DV-2018 visa lottery application forms will not be available any more as the program had closed from providing and accepting entry forms under this draw.

This application form for the visa lottery program should be downloaded from the official website. It should be filled then and there through the computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone within the given 60 minutes of time period. And it should be uploaded along with the applicant's photo file. If you were unable to do this within the given time period, you must restart the process once again by getting a new application form from the website. Submit it till you see the official confirmation page in the screen saying that your entry had been accepted by them.

The diversity visa lottery application form should be filled with English alphabets only.

Applicants who don't have spouse or eligible children will get only one part of the application form to fill while the person with spouse and/or eligible children will get second part of form to add spouse and children details in their birth order. If a person with spouse and/or eligible children fails to include their details in the application form (Even if they are not intend to immigrate with him) will be disqualified from the program at any time if it was found.

Many private companies used to submit applicants entries for a fee. These lawyer firms provide their own forms to fill in the internet and they will charge a service fee for their service through credit cards. There is no difference in this computer random selection whether you are applying for the program yourself or someone else is doing it on behalf of you. All people’s entries will have same chance to be selected in this draw.

The application form will be available in English language and it should be filled with the same alphabets and you should not fill it with special letters or characters. American Government had clearly stated that the English language is the official language for this DV Lottery program.

A person is allowed to submit only one entry as primary applicant in this year draw, if happened to submit more entries with a person's name as primary applicant, the additional entries will be rejected the system. The US State Department uses many sophisticated methods and devices to find out duplicate entries. So if you try to submit multiple entries all the entries will be rejected by the system.

Submit your application form early as it will be difficult to submit entries near to the closing date. There used to be a big rush and the website outage also may occur due to many people trying to access the entry form.

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