DV Lottery 2016

DV-2016 American Visa lottery. FAQ

9:26 AM 9/19/2016

DV 2016 FAQ is specially created for you to provide with latest information, procedures and guides.

DV-2016 will be officially closed on 30th September 2016 as it had provided all the 50,000 immigrant visas under it.

Here you can get almost all the answers for your questions regarding the American Government's official diversity program which is conducted by the KCC to issue 50,000 Immigrant entry permits through computer random name selection for the people coming from the eligible countries. The participants must meet some education eligibility to participate in this draw.

How to apply for the next draw DV-2018?
Go to the official web site and fill your details and submit the form.

Born in Eligible County, living in ineligible country, is this a problem?
No. it is not a problem. You can participate in the draw.

I am from Ecuador, can i participate in this years' visa lottery dv201/8?
Yes your country is in the eligible country list for this year draw.

Will I Need a Lawyer's help to submit my entry.
You can use one and it is not compulsory.

I have already applied for visitor visa; can I apply for this program?
Yes, you can submit entry for this draw.

Why many people are disqualified at the dv interview?

  1. Not born in an eligible country.
  2. Didn't meet the education/work experience.
  3. Overstayed in the USA.
  4. Found, to be connected to bad activities.
  5. Medically not fit. (Using QAT is one of it)
    And many more reasons.

My application at the consular office was rejected. Can I apply against the decision?
No, the officer's decision is final. And you can't apply against it or can't complaint against it.

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