DV Lottery 2016

DV-2017 Visa Draw Results.

7:42 AM 6/19/2016

DV-2017 Diversity visa lottery program results are now available in the internet from the month May 2016. The facility is now open, and it will provide facility to check your DV2017 and DV-2016 selection results free of charge.

To check your DV Lottery selection results in the website, you don't need to pay any money for the service. You can just check your results as much as times you want, by feeding your confirmation number and the personal details of yours. But there will be no change in the given results. The results are valid unless the authorities say about any correction as was in the year 2012. You are requested by the U.S State Department to keep your confirmation number until the program closes on 30th September 2017.

You will need your confirmation number for the current program along with your personal details and the name field should match the way you had entered in the application form last year.

Some days the website may not be available due to heavy usage by the applicants who are trying to check their results. Don't waste your time there. Visit another day to check your results.

If you are selected as a winner in the American visa lottery, follow the given instructions in the official results checking website.

Important Notice:

KCC will not send winner notification by postal mail any more.

Likewise, email, phone or fax will not be used to announce the winner selection.

Only way is to check your results is to use the official website by yourself in the internet.

Never send money overseas to get American visas under the name of diversity visa lottery. Pay your visa processing fees ONLY to your local US Consular office on the day of your visa interview and obtain the receipt for the paid visa processing fees.

Don't believe the photocopy results shown by your agent.

Ask them to enter your details in the computer and to show the results online in the American websites.

Source: U.S State Department.