DV Lottery 2016

DV-2018 Visa Lottery.

8:08 AM 04/26/2017

DV-2018 Diversity visa program is designed to offer 50,000 immigrants visas through a name selection draw under supervision of the U.S State Department. To participate in this name selection draw, eligible people were requested to enter their personal details along with their digital photo in to this draw. Computers had selected the winners in a random name selection process and the results will be provide in their official results checking facility in the month of May 2017.

This Green Card program is conducted to maintain the diversity of the people living in the USA. Under this 2018 FY program, participants were requested to enter their entries in 2016. Participants born in eligible countries and have the required education/ work experience were only allowed to use the entry form to try their luck in this draw.

Why people are looking for DV Draw?

It used to allpw eligible winners to immigrate to the USA legally. Read the DV-2018. American DV Instructions. Here.

50,000 Immigrant visas are waiting for to be issued under this fiscal year 2018 draw.

American Government's official diversity visa website will be kept opened all around the year, but will accept entries in certain period only.

Application forms were provided on the previously announced dates. They won't be available any more as the system had been closed.

Last year people were allowed to download the DV application forms from the online application website for 34 days. After this date the entry submission period for dv-2018 program was closed from accepting entries. Applicants were asked to fill and submit them back along with their digital photo file. 60 minute's time limit was given to download the DV application forms and to fill them and to submit them back along with the applicant's digital photo file.

Those countries which had sent more than 50,000 people to the USA within the last 5 years period are ineligible for to participate in this visa name draw. In the last held draw many countries were declared as ineligible countries. Nigeria and Bangladesh born people too were included in this list. US State Department had announced that natives of Ecuador were eligible to participate in the current dv-2018 draw.

It is a must for the applicants to have passed the (GCE A/L, WAEC or equivalent) High School degree certificate after attending 12 years of schooling including Junior and High School. Or they must have the required work experience to enter in to this draw.

No age limit is mentioned in the draw, although to meet the education certificate, applicant had to be more than 18 years old and for the upper age limit. There is no mention about the higher age limit, although elder applicants must pass the medical examination. Only the nominated medical officers by the US Consular offices are allowed to provide the medical examination.

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