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DV-2018 American Green Card Lottery Results.

7:56 PM 06/16/2017

DV-2018 Green Card Lottery Results are now available through the official diversity visa results checking website. All those applicants who had entered their application forms last year can use their confirmation number to check their selection results. This website requests personal details and by following the given instructions people can see their results. It can be displayed as selected for this year program or not selected for this year program through the computer screen.

Results Checking Website.
DV-2018 Results checking website here.

No More Postal Mail From KCC
Those winners who were selected in this electronic draw will not get any personal winning letters or notifications from the KCC, under the DV2018 visa lottery program. Never believe those DV selection results coming through email, postal mail and through telephone calls.

Facility Opening and Closing
The results checking facility was opened in the the month of May 2017.
This facility will be closed for the DV-2018 program on 30th September 2018.

Green Card Lottery Interviews.
Winner will be called for the Interviews from the month of October 2017 and the program will be closed officially on 30th September 2018. Nearly 50,000 visas are going to be issued under this program. Nearly115,968 applicants had been selected as winners and are waiting to proof their eligibility if they were called for the interview.

All the winners attending the visa processing must pay US$ 330 ONLY to the US Consular offices, on that day.
Winners in the USA must contact the USCIS office to submit their Petition for LPR status when their case numbers are current.

Diversity Visa Interview Rescheduling.
Rescheduling the Diversity Visa Interview is not recommended by us, as this is a first come first serve basis program. So when you are ready to go for the interview, there may be any visas waiting for you. Most of the consular office doesn’t allow rescheduling the diversity visa interview while some of them allow it fi you can produce a medical report.

Visa Bulletin Page here.

Source: dvlottery-2018.com