DV Lottery 2016

Affidavit of Support.

7:45 AM 9/19/2016

Affidavit of support must be provided by each of the US diversity visa lottery winners and their dependants on the day of their interview in the form of I-134 to the interviewing consular officer. The i-134 should be filed along with supporting financial evidence of the sponsor's income.

Mean while the winners in the USA must submit one original Form I-864 for his or her file along with supporting financial evidence of the sponsor's income. A Form I-864 is considered original if it is signed in black ink.

The principal immigrant should also submit photocopies of the completed Form I-864 for each family member traveling with him or her.

Copies of supporting financial documents are not required for the principal immigrant's family members.

Who can provide affidavit of support?
A petitioner (or by many petitioners) who must be USA citizen or U.S LPR holder.

If don't have AOS, will they won't issue the permits?
They won't issue them, but they will wait for you till the visas exhaust or up to the programs' closing date.

I am sure I can't get an AOS, is there any other means?
You can show them the amount of money that you are going to carry with you legally, along with an on arrival job offer.

The officer who processes your application will decide on this matter and if it is against your wish, you can apply against it.

Those who want to process in America through USCIS office to change their current status to LPR should use the I-864 form.

Those who are attending the interviews in Consulates or Embassies should use the I-134 form. Mean while some of them may require I-864 form instead of the regular one.

AOS is normally called as sponsor letter in all parts of the world. Many people submit a person's name as petitioner in the application form and later they want to change the person's name and want to give a new person's name for the AOS. It is not a problem to change the provider's name. All they need is one genuine AOS from a genuine person on the day of the interview.

It is better to read your own country consular section web site regarding the required form to be submitted on the interview date as Affidavit of Support.

Forms are available free of charge to get from the Government web site.
uscis.gov - i-134